HSP 800H Drum Welding machine

Our HSP 800H is our fastest drum welder with welding speeds ranging from 300 to 900 drums an hour! Our welder has over 28 advantageous features, compared to classical or competitors' welders. Read more...

LSP 300 Drum Welding machine

Looking for a high quality drum welder at lower speeds? Then our new low speed LSP 300 is the perfect machine for you!

SyncronAC welding control


Ever thought about saving up to 60% on power consumption whilst producing drums?

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about our award-winning SyncronAC system!

Erichsen tester

Not convinced of the perfect quality you get with our welders? Need to provide your customer with evidence about your top-notch weld qualities?

Be sure to check out our Erichsen tester!

Erichsen tester for drum welding quality test


Cooperation agreement for the Far East

Arplas Welding recently signed an agreement with Industrial Power Engineering Sdn Bhd for cooperation on the Far East market.
The expertise from Arplas Welding on level of drum welding, and expertise and long experience of Industrial Power Engineering combined offers you the best possible service in Asia if you are a steel drum producer.
Recently Arplas Welding signed an agreement with Industrial Power Engineering, based
In Selangor Malaysia for a long term cooperation in the Asia Pacific region.
Arplas Welding is highly specialized in the production of drum and pail welding machines. Many of these machines have found their way into Asia, in countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and others.
For these customers, service and spare parts has always been very difficult and expensive, as it had to be organized from Europe.
These times are over, starting now, we are training employees from Industrial Power Engineering, to learn more about Arplas Welding and Newcor welders.
For all you concerns about drum welding, on both Arplas and Newcor welders, you can take contact with Industrial Power Engineering for assistance.
Industrial Power Engineering will also install a local spare parts ware house, to serve our customers better and faster in pre mentioned area.
Also inquiries for new welders and all commercial questions can be posed to Industrial Power Engineering.
Mr. Tan Haen will be happy to help you in the future.
Please go to our contact page to contact IPE.
Our Offices In Belgium and Holland will off course stay at your full disposition if you would require any assistance.

Cooperation agreement for the far east

Published on 11 May 2007.

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