HSP 800H Drum Welding machine

Our HSP 800H is our fastest drum welder with welding speeds ranging from 300 to 900 drums an hour! Our welder has over 28 advantageous features, compared to classical or competitors' welders. Read more...

LSP 300 Drum Welding machine

Looking for a high quality drum welder at lower speeds? Then our new low speed LSP 300 is the perfect machine for you!

SyncronAC welding control


Ever thought about saving up to 60% on power consumption whilst producing drums?

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about our award-winning SyncronAC system!

Erichsen tester

Not convinced of the perfect quality you get with our welders? Need to provide your customer with evidence about your top-notch weld qualities?

Be sure to check out our Erichsen tester!

Erichsen tester for drum welding quality test


Low Speed HSP 150

Arplas Welding recently designed a welder that combines the advantages of the high speed welder with lower production speeds.

Low speed LSP 150

The market for drum producers can typically be split in 2 major groups. 1 type of factory is specialized in high speed production of steel drums with line speed up to 1000 drums per hour. Another factory will have lines running typically at speeds of  200 to 300 drums per hour.

For these producers, the purchase of a new high or even medium speed welder was not a good solution as the investment of such a welder did not pay off compared to the lower production required.

For this reason Arplas received already for a long time a question from there customers to develop a welder with a speed no higher than 360 drums per hour, but with a much lower capital investment.

It was not easy to find a solution to this challenge, as a low speed welder still needs all the components a high speed welder would need. You can not build a car if you do not have a motor, steering wheel, car seats wheels etc. Same problem is with a welder.

Arplas bundled its know how and came with a solution to these problems.

The machine is a full automatic welder, including forming roll and all other features of a high speed welder. It is an hour glass roll welder, with interchangeable hour glass rolls for different diameters, and full size upper and lower welding heads.

The only thing not full size in this machine is the price. Machine costs only 65 percent of a high speed welder.

The market confirmed herself, as only weeks after the introduction of this new concept with our customers, a first welder was sold, and a few weeks later a second one. Today 5 welders of this type are running and 3 more are build.

If you are producing at a line speed of 360 drums or lower, and need a new welder that can insure you of a top quality drum, our LSP 300 is your solution.

If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Arplas Welding team. 

Published on 09 May 2011.

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