HSP 800H Drum Welding machine

Our HSP 800H is our fastest drum welder with welding speeds ranging from 300 to 900 drums an hour! Our welder has over 28 advantageous features, compared to classical or competitors' welders. Read more...

LSP 300 Drum Welding machine

Looking for a high quality drum welder at lower speeds? Then our new low speed LSP 300 is the perfect machine for you!

SyncronAC welding control


Ever thought about saving up to 60% on power consumption whilst producing drums?

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about our award-winning SyncronAC system!

Erichsen tester

Not convinced of the perfect quality you get with our welders? Need to provide your customer with evidence about your top-notch weld qualities?

Be sure to check out our Erichsen tester!

Erichsen tester for drum welding quality test


We will be at Metpack 2014 in Essen, Germany!

We have subscibed for  Metpack 2014 exhibition in Essen, Germany!

Our brand new, high speed HSP 800 drum welder could be seen here, equipped with our latest technology and a brand new computer based control panel.

We also brought our SyncronAC, which won the Metpack 2005 Achievement Award, and from which allready 125 Units are installed.

More info following later.

Arplas Welding at the Metpack 2011 exhibition.

Published on 01 Sep 2013.

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