HSP 800H Drum Welding machine

Our HSP 800H is our fastest drum welder with welding speeds ranging from 300 to 900 drums an hour! Our welder has over 28 advantageous features, compared to classical or competitors' welders. Read more...

LSP 300 Drum Welding machine

Looking for a high quality drum welder at lower speeds? Then our new low speed LSP 300 is the perfect machine for you!

SyncronAC welding control


Ever thought about saving up to 60% on power consumption whilst producing drums?

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information about our award-winning SyncronAC system!

Erichsen tester

Not convinced of the perfect quality you get with our welders? Need to provide your customer with evidence about your top-notch weld qualities?

Be sure to check out our Erichsen tester!

Erichsen tester for drum welding quality test


Welding 1000 drums per hour, myth or reality?

Welding 1000 drums/h


It has always been a future prospective to produce 1000  200 liter drums per hour.

Up to today the achievable speed of the classical drum welders was 720 drums per hour, with some exceptional cases where companies succeeded to produce  780 or even 800 drums per hour. These exceptional cases where anyhow companies with high technical skills, and asked the outmost from both operators and machines.

Today the new Arplas Welding HSP 800 drum welder achieves a speed of 1000 Drums per hour.

This is mainly due to a combination of Servo technologies, weld current control and modern low inertia weld head technology.

Arplas managed to combine all these in a high tech welder and produces 1000 drums per hour with a scrap rate close to 0%.

The customer required a welder that could run up to 800 drums per hour as he is feeding 2 production lines with only 1 welder. The speed of both production lines anyhow was 900 drums per hour, but no welder manufacturer could guarantee this high speed.

Arplas modified there existing HSP 900 Drum welder, including more servo technology, and a new SycronAC welding control, specially adapted for this purpose.

During tests in our factory we learned that a speed of 800 drums per hour could easily be reached and more would be possible, but this could not be tested without having the welder connected to an automatic sheet feeder and an output conveyor fast enough to evacuate drums at this speed.

Finally during installation of the welder in the customers plant, The machine was set for 800 drums per hour, and than speeded up to 1000 drums per hour.

To achieve this the welding speed was moved up to 22 meter per minute. By using this high welding speed, a relaxed feeding of the sheets can be set, so the machine can  work relaxed and still produce this high amount of drums per hour.

It is technologically not possible to produce drums at weld speeds over 16 meters per minute when using the classical phase shift welding controls. This is due to the gaps that are produced in welding power with a phase shift control. Our Prize winning SYNCRONAC welding control always feeds a full wave to the welding transformer, having no gaps in the weld power, and this makes this high speed welding possible.

In the first days of its production life, this new welder produced about 15000 drums. 

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Published on 11 Jan 2005.

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